Company Lubex imports elite wine from  Europe, exclusively representing  full line of goods in Republic of Kazakhstan, also supplying it wholesale throughout the Country.

Head office locatedy in city of Almaty.

Main product of our company is Wine – Red, White wines and champaigne.  Line of goods is offered by seven suppliers from various wine  regions of Europe, such as France. Chablis and Bordeaux regions  offers u “Domain Louis Michel&Fils” and ” Baron Phillip De Rothschild” products.

We also have Calvados liquors – Busnel and Charles de Granville, from very young (Fiederwaissen) to Vintage (Millesime) in stock. The variety of Bordeaux wines offers set of Chateau wines named “Demazel” after brilliant design engineer and test pilot Mr. Lucien Demazel. Domain “Riefle” wines offer Cin d’Alsace wines, such as Alsace AOS and Alsace Grand Cru AOS, Champaigne Lenoble and Joseph Perrier are repeated winners of various international competitions and owners of highest ratings.

Customer relationships are built on trust and mutual commercial interests. We are open in commercial policy and actions and strive to make relationships with partners maximal light and effective, as winetrading bussiness requires highest professional skills from all sides. Therefore,  we always hold  qualified trainings of our partners and ourselves.

Storage and Transportation.

Wine – delicate and sensetive product. For this reason, we strictly control all steps of transportation, required temperature, eliminating any possibility of overheating or overcooling of wine to destination. Our Storage complex provides stable recommended temperature for our products in any season.

Since all our delivery vehicles has isothermal bodies, the product never exposed to any unwanted affection, on its way to stores and restaurants.

Today, our company is not only large selection of wines and spirits, but primarily dynamic and skilled team, focused on high satisfying needs and easy cooperation for our Clients.