The country is searching for different ways of use of renewables in order to save the natural resources. Wind power is deemed to have the highest potential. Toady just 0.5% of electricity in the country is generated by renewables. According to the Industrial Program of Power Development in Kazakhstan, 1% of electricity (1 billion kWh per year) shall be generated by clean energy resources.

The interest in wind power development can be explained as follows:




For the purpose of commercialization of wind power potential of the Republic of Kazakhstan, DarRus Energy LLP was established headed by Academic of International Engineering Academy Ruslan Bakytzhanovich Zhumagulov, whose aim is to use wind power potential of Kazakhstan to generate power, save resources and protect environment.

The specialists in DarRus Investment Group implemented the following investment projects:

Creating Bautino support base for maritime operations:


Asia Gas Pipeline


Renovation of Aktau port quay


Yereymentau wind power plant



Darrus Energy’s objectives are as follows:

  1. Attracting investment in wind power sector of Kazakhstan
  2. Encouraging development of rural wind power
  3. Developing research and technical and industrial framework for wind power
  4. International cooperation in implementation of the Wind Power Development Program

Attracting capital market in new projects


Working process

DarRus Energy’s working process is as follows:

  • feasibility study with respect to installation of alternative energy sources (rate of return of the project);
  • assessment of solar and wind power potential;
  • detail design of the power plant system;
  • attracting funds for the project implementation; and
  • plant installation and commissioning.

In addition, our company provides lifetime maintenance of the facilities constructed.