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    • Highly skilled personnel with higher technical education can provide installation of any complexity
    • 2,000 KZT to your account when buying any equipment for text messages or one month of satellite monitoring for free
    • The lowest price for equipment
    • Text messages to your phone number in case of violation of rules 
    • Creating rules: an attempt of removing a device from the vehicle; overspeeding; leaving and entering a geofence; itinerary violation; pushing SOS alarm button; visit monitoring, and many other rules available in My Account
    • You do not need to buy expensive fuel level sensors, pay for installation and verification thereof; through our monitoring system you are always aware of the fuel consumption
    • With data buffering system on the terminal device, information is saved in the internal memory in case a GPRS signal is lost (e.g. leaving cellular network coverage) and is delivered to server when signal is found. The terminal can store information with no connection for up to 2,000 km.
    • Connecting almost any sensors to the vehicle monitoring system.
    • Generating reports for the period of up to 3 years
    • A big number of formats to save reports in.
    • More than 8 free sources of mapping information, accurate and detailed maps even with building numbers.
    • About 1 gigabyte of mapping information converted from OpenStreetMaps included in the delivery. This enables comfortable use of supervising software even with the Internet speed provided from GPRS modem.
    • The lowest subscriber fee
    • Testing terminals for free for up to two weeks
    • 1.5 years of equipment warranty

    The key difference of our system

    YOU do not have to be in front of the monitor. Should your vehicle leave the city, speed over or in case of an attempt of removing a tracking device from the vehicle you will immediately get a text message or a phone call about any violation 24/7.