Direct and venture investment is one of the major business lines of Darrus IC.

Darrus IC is an active player on the market of direct and venture investment.

The company invests its funds in fast-growing mainly non-public companies operating in the area of high technologies (telecom & IT, nanotechnologies, etc.), power sector, industrial production, agricultural sector, with prospects of access to worldwide markets. The funds can be invested in the companies of other areas in particular cases.

When selecting projects in the field of direct and venture investment we follow the criteria presented below:

  • Active development of the company and significant potential for further growth
  • Opportunities of significant increase in the company’s value
  • Unique technologies or strong competitive benefits owned by the company
  • Clear understanding of the company’s development strategy
  • Highly-skilled managers in the company or opportunities to employ them
  • Business transparency
  • Breakeven core business or opportunities to achieve that within 12 months from the investment date.

Darrus IC makes direct and venture investment under the following conditions.

  • Purchasing from 25%+1 to 50%+1 shares in the company’s capital
  • Investment period: 3–5 years
  • Target IRR of the project for investor depends on the field of business, but not less than 30%
  • Target CAGR for Sales & EBITDA > 20%
  • Understanding terms and conditions of exit strategy of investment.

Darrus IC prefers investing at the stage of sustainable growth; however, cooperation is possible at the earlier or later development stages.

Darrus IC’s objective in direct and venture investment is efficient management of the companies purchased for them to win leading positions in their market segments to increase value of such companies, which can be achieved with the help of the following factors:

  • Purchasing a partner with considerable experience and resources enabling the company to develop much faster
  • Receiving additional capital for business development
  • A team of managers can manage the company focusing on aggressive growth and improved market positions
  • Improving operating performance
  • Setting higher corporate governance standards
  • Assisting in development of relations with partners, financial institutes and strategic investors
  • Improving the company’s image as a transparent and successful organization, which may attract a big investor
  • Achieving high value of business within 3–5 years via IPO or partnership with a strategic investor
  • Option programs enable the management to receive considerable remuneration when the results are achieved

Highly professional team of Darrus IC has a unique experience of work for leading investment companies and funds. We succeed in implementing large-scale projects in direct and venture investment and have a vast experience in corporate finance and project management.

Darrus IC works with a set of private funds of direct investment in Kazakhstan and abroad.


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